Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Her Secret for Long Eyelashes?

There are 2 choices, mainly separated by cost & upkeep.

Economical choice:  Drug store lashes
The good
  • They are affordable, do not purchase the $25 set at the high end make-up counters - not worth it!
  • They look good if you buy lashes that are medium in length & fullness.  Do not purchase the extra long or thick lashes, everyone will know you have fake lashes on & you will look like a drag queen - unless that is the look you are going for.  You want people to think, "Wow that girl has nice lashes, I *wonder* if they are fake or real..."
  • Secret tip - use black lash adhesive (glue) instead of white & blend eyeliner over lash line 
The bad
  • They are "reusable" but will gunk up & be harder to apply with each reuse
Spoil yourself choice: Permanent Lashes
The good
  • These are not permanent, although websites state that they last 6-8 weeks...expect a more realistic time line of 1-2 weeks max.
  • They look amazing, they are installed lash by lash 
  • Have the look 24-7 with no fussing with glues or lashes peeling off when undesired 
The bad 
  • They are expensive, depending on where you go - install will be $75-300.
  • Require maintenance fills which can you run you between $25-100 per time, fills needed every week or 2 to keep up look
  • Secret tip - look on Craigs List under the "Beauty" section for providers running specials on pricing.  Often this can cut the cost of the install by 1/2.
  • Install takes around 2 hours, that is 2 hours of you laying down with your eyes taped shut trying to make small talk with someone you can't see while you fight off falling asleep.
  • Fills take 30 mins - 2 hours, depending on how talented your service provider is

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